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Homelab Hosting

I’m starting this series about my homelab. It’s an easy thing to blog about and I really want to start getting more content out on this site. Finally, for purely selfish reasons this will work as a good journal of “why” I’ve done some of these things which I’ve used this blog for in the past. Today we’re going to cover how I host the homelab and I went with the boring option: Proxmox. Proxmox is a hypervisor built on KVM and Debian Linux. It’s enterprise grade but free. Why Proxmox I tried lots of solutions to avoid actually using VMs like Fedora Server + Podman, NixOS, etc. All in all I was never gonna escape running some VMs and Proxmox is the best most robust solution I could find in the price point of free. It’s not totally without issues but it’s well documented and supported.

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